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We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the COVID-19 pandemic to consult with individuals or families who think they may be victims of medical malpractice, defective drugs or products and other serious personal injury.  We have the staff and resources to begin the investigation and evaluation of your situation during the current public health crisis.  We are here to help.

Addressing Truck Accidents in Maryland

If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Maryland, it’s important to act as soon as possible

If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Maryland, it’s important to act as soon as possible.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident in Maryland, it’s important to act as soon as possible. It is common for insurance companies to send investigators or adjusters to the scene to remove evidence or interview witnesses. Call Cardaro and Peek, and our team will work tirelessly to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Why Do Truck Accidents Occur?

Similar to auto accidents, trucking accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. Common causes of trucking accidents include aggressive driving, dangerous road conditions, defective brakes, driver fatigue, equipment failure, hazardous cargo, and poor weather.

A commercial truck driver must obey the rules of the road, and the trucking company must employ drivers who are skilled and competent in their profession. When a driver or company fails to adhere to the standard of commercial trucking, they may be held accountable for the accident.

Why Should I Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, of the 35,000 people killed in motor accidents in 2015, four percent of those fatalities involved large truck crashes. The sheer mass of a large truck and tractor-trailer is enough to cause devastating damage during or after a collision with a smaller vehicle.

Trucking companies are well aware of the damage they can cause to other vehicles on the road, and their team is backed with insurance companies and accident investigators. Only an experienced Maryland lawyer has the knowledge to help you build a strong case that will prove fault and damages for the injuries that occur as a result of an accident.

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