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Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

Birth Injuries Caused by Medical Negligence

Did you or your child suffer an avoidable and preventable birth injury during delivery?

A medical professional’s actions, or inactions, can cause harm to an infant before, during, and/or after their birth. Birth injuries or birth traumas can impact the mother, the newborn child, or both. The injury and resulting pain and suffering can follow the child for years, possibly impacting them for the rest of their life. It’s important to be aware of the common birth injuries that can occur during labor and delivery and to recognize if medical negligence was at play. Families can then take the necessary actions to receive some compensation for birth injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered from a birth injury, contact the experienced attorneys at Cardaro & Peek to discuss your claim.

Birth Injuries

Preventable and avoidable injuries often come from improper delivery methods or failing to detect and treat birth complications. An infant can sustain injuries like facial bruising, fractured clavicles, paralysis, or head/brain injuries when doctors use too much force or improperly use forceps and vacuum extraction tools during delivery. These injuries can be temporary, but are often long-term.

Healthcare professionals should recognize situations and react appropriately throughout the pregnancy and delivery process to ensure the health of the mother and child. High-risk pregnancies should be identified and disclosed early to plan for specialized care. If a C-section procedure is necessary, failing to order or delaying the procedure can result in birth injuries to the infant. 

The trained medical staff should also appropriately and closely monitor the child following the delivery. For example, a leading cause of severe illness and death in newborns is meconium aspiration syndrome. This occurs when a newborn breathes a mixture of meconium (the first feces, or stool, of the newborn) and amniotic fluid into the lungs around the time of delivery. Conditions such as meconium aspiration syndrome and others like it must be treated promptly to prevent the child from contracting pneumonia or other fatal outcomes.

Unavoidable, But Not Birth Injury

Circumstances out of the mother’s or the medical staff’s hands can occur which lead to injury, but would not be considered grounds for a birth injury case. Delivering a large baby or the mother’s small birth canal poses an unavoidable risk for injury. Furthermore, genetic mutations, gestational diabetes, and gestational anemia are some other unavoidable conditions that can lead to birth injuries but usually don’t apply to a birth injury claim.

Medical Negligence

It is impossible for anything to completely erase for the suffering or distress birth injuries have on a child and their family. Still, healthcare professionals should be held accountable for medical negligence that may have impacted the prenatal care or labor and delivery process. If you feel that you or a loved one has been a victim of medical negligence, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney. The attorneys at Cardaro & Peek can help get you the compensation you deserve to cover rehabilitative treatments and expenses following the birth injury. In addition to the help it can provide your family, by bringing negligent medical care to light, your case may cause change to the hospital’s policies and procedures, preventing future negligence from affecting another family and their child.

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