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Birth Injuries Causing Cerebral Palsy

Birth Injuries Causing Cerebral Palsy

Birth injuries may have caused your loved one to develop cerebral palsy. This type of medical malpractice can severely impact a child and their family’s life.

According to United Cerebral Palsy, about 10,000 babies are born each year with cerebral palsy, and no cure yet exists for this disease. In some cases, cerebral palsy is due to a birth injury. Each case of cerebral palsy can differ in severity of symptoms, such as mobility issues and speech problems. Regardless, if your child is living with cerebral palsy following birth injuries, you have the right to seek compensation for medical malpractice. Below are some common birth injuries that may have caused your child to develop cerebral palsy. For a more detailed consultation, please get in touch with the attorneys at Cardaro & Peek.

Lack of Oxygen

When the baby’s brain does not receive sufficient oxygen before, during, or after delivery, it may cause brain damage. In cases where the brain damage is permanent, it can result in cerebral palsy. When healthcare providers are not able to recognize problems and provide solutions in a timely manner, they can be held responsible for medical malpractice. Common problems that can result from oxygen deprivation include:

  • Preeclampsia
  • Eclampsia
  • Excessive medication to mother and child
  • Shoulder misplacement
  • Trauma to infant and mother
  • Umbilical cord prolapse

Delayed C-Section and Breech Births

C-sections can be life-saving procedures during a complicated labor and/or delivery. However, opting for the procedure too late can cause brain injuries, other physical injuries, and even infant death. When complications are detected early on, delaying a C-section is dangerous to the health of the mother and child.

Injury from Delivery Instruments

Doctors will use delivery instruments like forceps and vacuums to guide the baby during the birthing process. These instruments are generally used on the baby’s head. As such, any mishandling can cause injuries like brain bleeds, fractures, or restricted blood flow. 


If a doctor doesn’t realize that an expecting mother contracted an infection, or if the medical team fails to monitor the mother’s and baby’s vital signs during labor, cerebral palsy and other birth injuries can occur. If the unborn baby or infant contracts a serious infection, like rubella or meningitis, they can suffer inflammation to their brain. That inflammation can cut off an adequate supply of oxygen to the developing brain, leading to permanent brain damage.

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