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Cancer Misdiagnosis: Lesser-Known Cancers

Cancer Misdiagnosis: Lesser-Known Cancers

Learn why a cancer misdiagnosis is more likely to involve lesser-known or uncommon cancers.

An accurate and timely diagnosis of a patient’s condition is a crucial step in treating the patient. This is especially true when it comes to diagnosing cancer. The quicker treatment begins, the better the likelihood of a successful recovery. In many cases, when a medical professional does not recognize and treat cancer soon enough, chances for recovery significantly decline. Patients and their loved ones rely on the medical expertise of health care professionals to make the right diagnosis. When a cancer misdiagnosis does occur, it can lead to severe consequences, and perhaps medical malpractice. If you think that you or a loved one is a victim of cancer misdiagnosis, contact the lawyers at Cardaro & Peek today.

Misdiagnosis of Lesser-Known Cancers

Common cancers include breast, lung, melanoma, colon, and prostate cancer. These cancers can still be misdiagnosed, but cancer misdiagnosis is more likely to happen in cases involving the lesser-known or less common cancers. In such cases, doctors may not properly attribute a patient’s symptoms with cancer.

For example, Lymphoma is cancer of the cells that make up the body’s immune system, and often goes undetected for a long period of time. Why? The symptoms, e.g. fever, weight loss, fatigue, and night sweats, are also common in other, less severe conditions. The enlarged lymph nodes that characterize lymphoma are also present with the common cold or an infection.

It’s always a challenge for patients, physicians, and others in the healthcare industry to treat cancer. But when a patient is prevented from getting the treatment they need when they need it due to a misdiagnosis (or missed diagnosis), it allows treatable early-stage cancer to advance to late-stage or even terminal cancer.

Examples of Lesser-Known or Less Common Cancers

There are many less common, lesser-known, and rare types of cancer. Here is a list of a few cancers and their symptoms are often overlooked. 


An under-the-skin lump which may or may not be painful to the touch; Bone pain or an unexplainable broken bone; Abdominal pain.

Ovarian Cancer

Abdominal swelling or bloating; Cramps; Frequent urination; Sudden and unexplainable weight change (gain or loss).

Stomach Cancer

Indigestion; Nausea; Weight loss; Blood in stool or vomit; Sense of fullness.

Pancreatic Cancer

Jaundice; Loss of Appetite; Nausea; Weight loss; Diarrhea or constipation.

Liver Cancer

Similar to pancreatic cancer symptoms; Abdomen or shoulder pain; Abdominal swelling; Fatigue.

Gallbladder Cancer

Nausea; Fever; Weight loss; Jaundice; Vomiting.

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