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Chiropractors, Injuries, and Medical Malpractice

Chiropractors and Medical Malpractice

When an injury occurs due to a chiropractor’s actions, there are a few different options you have as a patient during your medical malpractice case.

A chiropractor is a healthcare professional with a specialty focusing on neuromuscular disorders with an emphasis on the spine. The main goal for chiropractors is to reduce pain and improve the functionality of their patients’ bodies. However, like all fields and practices of medicine, errors and mistakes can be made, and when they do, meeting with a medical malpractice lawyer can help you figure out what to do next.

Potential Errors and Injuries

Chiropractic induced strokes are among the most common injuries suffered by patients. Strokes can occur when an artery to the brain ruptures or becomes blocked due to improper manipulation of a patient’s neck. The patient may be unaware that a stroke was caused by their chiropractor, because the stroke may not occur until long after the chiropractic visit. Other common injuries include pinched arteries, spinal injuries, headaches, numbness, and partial paralysis. When a chiropractor manipulates the spine, severe injuries can occur; such as disc herniation, muscle weakness, and bowel paralysis. Many of these injuries are debilitating to patients and are subject to lawsuits if the chiropractor did not meet the standard of care.

Liability and Lawsuits

When an injury occurs, there are a few different options you have as a patient during your medical malpractice case. The plaintiff is required to show the defendant chiropractor did not meet and perform the standards a reasonably competent chiropractor would. The plaintiff must first depict what these standards look like and why the defendant did not meet them. This includes having an expert witness qualified to give an opinion, often an outside, unaffiliated chiropractor. Sadly, due to the nature of chiropractic malpractice claims, this may be difficult to do. There is a much greater variance in the quality and skill of chiropractors compared to medical doctors. Of course, this does not mean that you have no chance of succeeding. A good legal team can find a way to make your case, as long as the science backs it up.

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