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Former Patients of Dr. Nikita Levy of Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Medical Center Advised to Seek Legal Representation

February 20, 2013, by Thomas C. Cardaro

952313_gavel.jpg The experienced trial attorneys at Cardaro & Peek, LLC are currently investigating potential claims on behalf of any former patients of Dr. Nikita Levy, a former gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital’s East Baltimore Medical Center.

Baltimore police have uncovered an “extraordinary” amount of evidence that Dr. Levy secretly videotaped and photographed his former patients. Dr. Levy had worked for Johns Hopkins for over 20 years and had seen numerous patients during that time. According to the Baltimore Sun, nearly 100 women have already reached out for fear that they may have been one of Dr. Levy’s victims.

Former patients who were victimized by Dr. Levy may be entitled to financial compensation.

Johns Hopkins Hospital may face substantial liability for Dr. Levy’s actions. Hospitals in other states have paid multi-million dollar settlements in cases where physicians faced similar allegations. For example, according to the Baltimore Sun, a number of patients received a $50 million settlement last year in a case in which a physician took obscene photographs of children.

Whether or not Johns Hopkins can be held liable for Dr. Levy’s invasion of privacy will depend on a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Jeff Peek, a partner at Cardaro & Peek, LLC in Baltimore, told the Maryland Daily Record that “I would be looking for people in the circle of trust who knew or should have known that there was wrongdoing.” According to Mr. Peek, a key question will be “Were there opportunities institutionally to shut this guy down that were overlooked?”

Dr. Levy was let go by Johns Hopkins on February 8, 2013 after a colleague reported the allegations to hospital officials. The hospital had determined that Dr. Levy had been illegally photographing his patients and storing those images electronically. The Johns Hopkins Medicine Board of Trustees is also starting its own independent investigation into the matter. On February 18, 2013, Dr. Levy was found dead in his home. Initial reports indicate that the cause of death was an apparent suicide.

If you or a loved one were one of Dr. Nikita Levy’s numerous former patients, protect your rights by contacting the experienced trial attorneys at Cardaro & Peek, LLC. The trial attorneys at Cardaro & Peek, LLC have decades of experience litigating claims against hospitals and healthcare providers.

Consultation is free and there are no fees or expenses unless there is a recovery. Cardaro & Peek, LLC will invest its own resources and time investigating your claim, and there is no obligation for repayment of expenses unless there is a recovery.

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