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How Can Expert Witnesses Assist in My Medical Malpractice Case?

How Can Expert Witnesses Assist in My Medical Malpractice Case?

An expert witness can make all the difference in a medical malpractice case.

Most medical malpractice cases involve the assistance of an expert witness to explain how the healthcare provider defendant was negligent. Medical malpractice cases are often complex, and a qualified medical expert is required to shed light on the problems presented. It’s important to work with an experienced firm with medical professionals on staff to win your malpractice case. Are you pursuing a medical malpractice claim in Maryland? The lawyers at Cardaro and Peek have access to nationally recognized, board-certified physicians and experts to assist in various types of malpractice claims. 

Who Qualifies as a Medical Expert? 

In most scenarios, a qualified medical expert is a person currently practicing or teaching medicine, or even an individual who has recently retired from the profession. Claimants may find it beneficial to acquire testimony from an expert with a similar background and experience to the named defendant in the case. 

Why is Expert Testimony Beneficial? 

If your case makes it to trial, a jury will decide if the defendant is guilty of the claims brought against him or her. A medical expert can explain the case to a jury in a way that they can easily understand and subsequently derive analysis from the case. In some cases, expert witnesses can help avoid a case having to go to trial in the first place! With an expert witness, the defendant will be able to understand the evidence and the strength of the case better and may choose to settle out of court. Furthermore, expert testimony from a medical professional can help add credibility to a patient’s claim. 

Can Medical Expert Testimony Prove Negligence? 

When it comes to medical malpractice cases, it’s important to prove that the doctor or medical provider defendant was negligent. An expert can help define the standard of care for your particular case. He or she can also help show that the defendant breached the standard of care. For example, the expert may illustrate how the healthcare provider failed to accurately assess the patient, which led to the misdiagnosis in question.  

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