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Injured in a Drunk Driving Car Accident? Watch out for Tricky Defense Tactics

Injured in a Drunk Driving Car Accident? Watch out for Tricky Defense Tactics

Drunk driving car accidents are avoidable tragedies, but they still happen every day in Maryland.

Drunk driving car accidents are an avoidable tragedy, but they still happen every day in Maryland. In drunk driving car accidents, the impaired driver is almost always the one at fault, since the intoxicated driver violated the law and operated their vehicle negligently. In Maryland, the drunk driver will be tried in a criminal court case solely related to the traffic/criminal violations (aka DUI, speeding, etc.), while the victim’s personal injury case is heard in civil court. It seems obvious that the drunk driver should be held liable for their actions in both the criminal and civil courts. Unfortunately, these cases aren’t always so straightforward. For that reason, those injured in drunk driving car accidents should retain a personal injury lawyer right away.

The Drunk Driver Should Be Held Liable

No matter the circumstances that caused a drunk driver to get behind the wheel,  it doesn’t change the fact that the drunk driver committed a criminal and negligent act which led to an accident that injured you. You likely sustained damages as a result. If a drunk driver hits you, the steps you take after the accident are important. First, assess yourself and passengers for injuries that need immediate medical attention. You can then notify the police about your suspicions of the driver being impaired, and they’ll handle it from there.

If possible, document the extent of damages sustained and even jot down any witnesses to the incident. These items can strengthen your case down the road. Conversely, the less information you have, the harder it is to prove things like damages.

The Defendant Turns the Case on You

The drunk driver, or defendant, will be facing the consequences of their actions in both a criminal and civil court case. Undoubtedly, the drunk driver will contest both the criminal and civil case, and will have their lawyers fighting to avoid the consequences of their actions. The drunk driver is likely fighting to stay out of jail and avoid a potentially large civil penalty for your damages.

That being the case, their attorney will absolutely take a deep dive into your life to see if you might have done anything that they can claim is also negligent, and thus puts blame on you. Because you can guarantee that the drunk driver will have representation, it’s imperative that you hire a personal injury attorney right away to represent your legal interests. A good attorney will help you receive compensation for your injuries, and make sure a savvy defense attorney doesn’t turn the case on you.

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