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The Consequences of Pneumonia Misdiagnosis

Pneumonia is a serious disease. Read on to learn how the offices of Cadaro & Peek can help find out if your loved one was misdiagnosed.

Pneumonia is a leading cause of death amongst adults.

Pneumonia misdiagnosis can have serious consequences. Pneumonia is a very serious disease; it is a leading cause of death in older adults and those with weaker respiratory systems. If you believe that your or a loved one’s pneumonia was misdiagnosed by a doctor leading to severe injury or death, contact the law offices of Cardaro & Peek. We will help to discuss your legal rights and bring the truth of medical malpractice to light.

What Causes Pneumonia Misdiagnosis

Pneumonia is usually caused by a viral infection or bacteria in the lungs. The infection causes the air sacs of the lungs to become inflamed and may fill with “purulent material” (i.e. pus/fluid). This makes it difficult to breathe and absorb oxygen into the body properly. Unfortunately, the disease mimics other respiratory problems and common fevers. Some of the other common illnesses that are confused with pneumonia include:

  • influenza
  • bronchitis
  • tuberculosis
  • blood poisoning
  • Legionnaire’s disease

Another condition patients are often misdiagnosed with is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This misdiagnosis is common among smokers, because a physician may assume the sounds in their lungs are from smoking instead of a respiratory infection. 

 Because pneumonia mimics many of the same conditions as other respiratory illnesses, misdiagnosis is more likely in the winter months when respiratory illnesses are more common.

 Correct Diagnosis is Key 

Doctors go through years of intense training to make informed decisions about disease diagnosis. Unfortunately, even the most skilled doctors make mistakes. This is made especially worse when the doctor misdiagnoses a rare or much more severe form of pneumonia. 

 For example, bacterial pneumonia can be successfully treated with antibiotics. However, if misdiagnosed, doctors may prescribe inflammatories, steroids, or other medicines intended for a viral disease, which does not affect the harmful bacteria. This allows the illness to continue to worsen, which can lead to permanent injury or even death. It is important that health care providers correctly diagnose pneumonia to prevent unnecessary adverse consequences. 

 When Doctors Become Liable for Medical Malpractice

When a pneumonia patient becomes critically injured or dies due to misdiagnosis, the doctor may be liable for medical malpractice. To figure out if you have a case, you should talk to a law firm that has extensive experience with medical malpractice cases. 

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