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Understanding the Standard of Care


Understanding the Standard of Care

The standard of care is a critical component in every medical malpractice case. Find out more here.

The standard of care is the generally accepted procedures and practices used by healthcare providers when treating patients. The standard of care can determine whether certain actions are acceptable or constitute medical malpractice.

How are the Standards Decided?

Quantifying the standard of care to one specific set of rules or guidelines is simply not possible. Instead, the standards are being constantly developed by an army of researchers, doctors, and regulatory offices to try to nail down the proper steps for medical professionals to take during countless medical procedures. The standard of care will vary with each different disease or disorder. It is typical for the standards to evolve as research continues and technology advances.

Maryland operates under the “national standard of care.” This means that healthcare providers in Maryland have a duty to use the care and skill which is expected of a reasonably competent practitioner in the same class, acting in the same or similar circumstances, taking into account advances in the profession, availability of facilities, specialization or general practice, proximity of specialists and special facilities, and all other relevant considerations. See Shilkret v. Annapolis Emergency Hosp. Ass’n, 276 Md. 187, 200-01 (1975).

Role of Standard of Care in Medical Malpractice Law

The standard of care is a critical component in every medical malpractice case. It highlights what should have been done during a medical procedure and can be used to figure out what was done that should not have been done, or what was not done that should have been done. For a Plaintiff, expert testimony is used to establish the standard of care, and then prove that the healthcare provider deviated from the standard of care, that the deviation was a cause of the injury, and that damages resulted from that injury. However, the Defendant’s experts will likely disagree with Plaintiff’s experts, and claim the standards were upheld. Thus, at trial the court must parse through two potentially differing sets of standards. For that reason, an experienced medical malpractice lawyer is a valuable asset to any victim of medical malpractice.

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