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$7.8 Million Paralysis
$7.1 Million Cancer Misdiagnosis
$4.9 Million Brain Damage
$4.5 Million Unnecessary Surgery
$4.2 Million Infection Misdiagnosis

Experienced Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyers


A study from Johns Hopkins Medical School found that medical errors kill about 250,000 people per year, making it the third leading cause of death in the United States. According to the study, 10% of all deaths in this country are the result of a medical error. Only heart disease and cancer kill more people.

If you or your family has experienced an injury or a death that you think was caused by medical negligence, you should have your situation reviewed by an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. The healthcare system in this country, unfortunately, is not focused on the patient, and as a result, mistakes and errors occur every day. Consequently, patients are injured, and lives are shattered. You cannot rely on physicians, hospitals or health insurers to disclose that errors or mistakes have occurred. If you suspect medical malpractice, you should seek out an experienced medical malpractice attorney to protect your interests and the interests of those impacted by medical negligence.

Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys

The partners of Cardaro & Peek collectively have over 70 years of experience in handling medical malpractice claims. Since its inception, Cardaro & Peek has represented individuals and families injured because of medical negligence. Other law firms focus on representing of clients in a wide range of areas of practice, but Cardaro & Peek focuses only on claims involving medical negligence.

We have successfully prosecuted claims against every major hospital and health system in Maryland and the District of Columbia. We have successfully litigated cases against physicians insured by every major insurance company operating in Maryland.

Every client of Cardaro & Peek works with every lawyer in the firm and every case handled by Cardaro & Peek receives the attention of everyone in the firm. This team approach provides our clients with prompt, aggressive and unrelenting representation with compassionate and personal attention.

If you are a client of Cardaro & Peek, every partner, associate lawyer and staff member will know who you are and will know what your case is about. We provide individualized attention to each case and our experience and unwavering commitment to our clients sets Cardaro & Peek apart from other medical malpractice law firms.

Elite Lawyers

The attorneys at Cardaro & Peek are leaders in the industry and have been recognized as such by their peers.

Thomas C. Cardaro, Esq. is the former President of the Bar Association of Baltimore City and past President of the Maryland State Bar Association. Mr. Cardaro is AV® rated by Martindale-Hubble® and has been chosen to be a Super Lawyer®, an honor given to only 5% of practicing lawyers, for over ten straight years.

Jeffrey L. Peek, Esq. is AV® rated by Martindale-Hubble® and has been chosen to be a Super Lawyer for the past 10 years and has been listed as one of the top 100 lawyers in Maryland. Mr. Peek has been on the Board of Governors for the Maryland Association for Justice. He is also a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates which is an invitation only national organization of experienced trial lawyers.

C. Drew Fritch, Esq. is the former Chair of the Young Lawyers Division of the Bar Association of Baltimore City. Mr. Fritch has also been chosen as a Rising Star® or a Super Lawyer® for the past 8 years.

Cardaro & Peek was chosen to be a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in a landmark class action case against Johns Hopkins Hospital. That case ultimately resulted in a $190 million settlement for over 8,000 patients.*

Many of the cases Cardaro & Peek handle are referrals from Judges and lawyers, including defense attorneys who have been our adversaries. We have even been referred clients from physicians we have sued.

We Have the Playbook

Partners Thomas C. Cardaro and Jeffrey L. Peek both started their careers as defense attorneys at large, prominent law firms defending medical malpractice claims. They represented many of the hospitals, health systems and insurance companies we now sue. A commitment to help those injured as a result of medical mistakes led Mr. Cardaro and Mr. Peek to choose a different path. They now exclusively represent individuals and families injured because of medical negligence.

This unique experience provides us with the insight, knowledge base and connections to aggressively prosecute and quickly resolve medical malpractice claims so that our clients can move on with their lives.

We know what records to ask for, how hospitals and health networks evaluate and defend claims and, most importantly, we know the decision makers who decide if and how much compensation is offered to victims of malpractice.

Because of our background, Cardaro & Peek can evaluate, litigate and resolve complex medical malpractice claims quickly and efficiently while ensuring that our clients receive as much compensation as possible.

We Have Recovered Over $150 Million for Our Clients*

Cardaro & Peek has successfully recovered over $150 million for their clients by way of settlements and trial verdicts.*

Our track record of success and our reputation gives each case we take instant credibility. Our adversaries recognize that we are unwavering in our commitment to obtain the best possible result (for our clients) – either by way of settlement or by trial verdict. When we take a case, we are 100% committed and we have the experience and resources to take a case as far as necessary to obtain justice for our clients.

We Provide Answers

When there is a tragedy, either a death or an injury, which happens during the course of medical care, there is always the question: could this have been prevented? At Cardaro & Peek, we strive to answer this question first and foremost.

Individuals and families dealing with tragedy initially want, more than anything else, to know what happened, how it happened and why it happened. After investigating a potential claim, we may very well tell our client that what occurred was not the result of medical negligence or that nothing that was done caused or changed the outcome. Explaining what happened and why often provides closure to people dealing with an injury or a death seemingly related to health care.

If, however, our investigation indicates that there was negligence, we will aggressively pursue justice for our clients.

Individuals and families in times of crisis deserve answers and that is exactly what Cardaro & Peek is committed to providing.

We are not Afraid to Take Hard Cases

Cardaro & Peek has successfully handled cases that were rejected by other law firms. We are not discouraged because another lawyer or law firm rejected a case. Often, we can identify issues that were overlooked by other lawyers.

Cardaro & Peek is always willing to accept referral clients. We welcome co-counsel arraignments and are happy to consider work with referring counsel.

Consultations are free and there are no fees or expenses unless there is a recovery

Call or contact Cardaro & Peek if you suspect that you or your family have been injured because of medical malpractice. We charge no fee and there are no expenses unless you win and there is a recovery by way of a settlement or a jury verdict.

We have two office locations and if you are not able to come to the office, we can make arraignments to come to you.

*Each case is different and past case results do not guarantee future results.

Verdicts & Settlements
$7,800,000.00Paralysis After Negligent Surgery
$7,064,549.00 Breast cancer misdiagnosis.
$4,500,000.00Unnecessary Surgery
$4,200,000.00 Brain damage and neurologic injury caused by a delay in diagnosis and treatment of infection in a newborn.
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