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Medical Negligence is Negligent Prenatal Care

cardaro & peek medical negligence prenatal care

Prenatal care is a very important process for both mother and baby, but what crosses the line into medical negligence territory?

After a woman discovers that she is expecting, all medical care is considered prenatal care until the baby is born. Many of the usual medications and procedures are no longer considered safe when a woman is pregnant. Plus, additional standards must be met to protect the woman and her child. Despite this, around 95% of American women report problems during their pregnancy, some of which were life-threatening. Due to this statistic, it is recommended that women see medical professionals specializing in prenatal care, such as an obstetrician or OBGYN, during pregnancy to identify any problems before something goes horribly wrong. But many medical professionals neglect to see the signs before an unfortunate accident occurs. These are a few examples of what can be considered medical negligence when it comes to prenatal care.   

Medical Negligence in Prenatal Care

Here are some examples of medical malpractice related to prenatal care:

  • Failure to Diagnose a Life-Threatening Disease: Some mothers may have a life-threatening disease that goes unnoticed by medical staff. This can cause harm to both her and the developing baby. 
  • Failure to Identify a Birth Defect: Some birth defects are so severe that the baby cannot develop properly in the womb, which can potentially lead to stillbirth or miscarriage. 
  • Ectopic Pregnancy: An ectopic pregnancy, or extrauterine pregnancy, occurs when a fertilized egg plants itself inside of the fallopian tubes instead of inside of the uterus. If unnoticed, this can lead to severe internal bleeding or death
  • Direct Cause of Birth Injuries: Birth injuries are sometimes overlooked or even caused by medical professionals aiding in the birth process. Medical malpractice is often the cause of severe birth injuries since most are preventable. 

What Can Happen to a Child During Prenatal Care?

If your or your loved one’s child was affected by any of these conditions before or after childbirth, it might be a direct result of medical negligent prenatal care:

  • placental abruptions
  • abnormal size 
  • post-term birth or delay
  • an unusual amount of amniotic fluid before birth
  • failure to note previous cesarian section

All of these can lead to a baby born with birth defects, severe birth complications, stillbirth or put the mother at further risk of a life-threatening miscarriage.

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