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Brain Injury from Medical Malpractice

A severe brain injury is one of the most life-altering injuries a person can have. Victims and their families deserve justice for such negligence.

Brain injury is one of the most severe and debilitating types of injury out there. Are they avoidable before they happen?

A severe brain injury is one of the most life-altering injuries a person can have. The injured person must adapt to a new and challenging life. Their families, and friends have to watch someone they love struggle to adapt to their new life. This is always a tragic experience.  The tragedy is made even worse when the brain injury was avoidable, and only occurred as a consequence of medical malpractice. Victims and their families deserve justice for such negligence. Below are some ways that medical malpractice can lead to brain injuries. 

Improper Management of Oxygen Levels During Surgery

A patient becomes completely vulnerable when they are put to sleep via anesthesia or other similar drugs. This is why health care professionals must properly monitor the patient while they are unconscious. When too little oxygen is supplied to the brain, it can lead to a condition called hypoxia. When oxygen is completely cut off for an extended period of time, it is called cerebral anoxia. Both injuries are incredibly dangerous to the patient and can lead to severe brain damage or even death. A few of the many ways these injuries can occur via medical malpractice are incorrect CPR administration, incorrect insertion of intubation tubes, and errors during surgery. One of the more common mistakes made during surgery is accidentally cutting a vein or artery close to the airway, throat, or lungs. This can lead to blood clotting in the air canal, which can lead to loss of oxygen. Unfortunately, the patient’s inadequate oxygen supply is sometimes not noticed by doctors until it is too late. 

Brain Injuries from Medication

There are thousands of medications available to the public via a professional prescription. But these medications, while generally helpful to patients, often have side effects. As such, doctors must be aware of the possible side effects when prescribing or administering medication. While most patients never experience severe side effects, due to certain medical conditions or being on other medications, some do. Doctors must be well educated enough to prescribe the right medicine for their patients. But they also must uphold routine checkups on patients to ensure that they are not becoming addicted as not to harm themselves. Additionally, they must ensure they are prescribing the correct dosage of medicine from the beginning. Medications, especially those commonly prescribed after large and complicated surgeries, are often addictive. For example, hydromorphone is a drug prescribed to those who have extreme pain after surgery. It is part of the same family as other addicting drugs such as Oxycontin. However, if too much hydromorphone is taken, it can prevent patients from breathing at full capacity, leading to possible oxygen loss and brain damage. A doctor’s failure to adequately prescribe medication and monitor their patients can lead to dire consequences. 

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