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Common Signs Of Nursing Home Negligence

nursing home negligence

If you worry that your loved one could be suffering from nursing home negligence, here are the most common signs to look for.

When your loved ones are staying at a facility such as a nursing home, you should never have to worry about them being neglected or mistreated. However, horror stories of negligence and abuse in nursing homes exist across the country. The signs of these abuses can be difficult to spot, especially if your loved one suffers from memory or speech impairments. Not to mention, some of these symptoms can happen naturally or purely accidentally as the mind and body become frailer. If you notice any of the signs, it’s always good to investigate, and if you see more than one, it may be time to take a closer look. If you worry that your loved one could be suffering from nursing home negligence, here are the most common signs to look for.

Poor Personal Hygiene

Many nursing home residents have a variety of mobility issues that result in the need of assistance with personal hygiene. Often, nursing homes suffer from understaffing which can lead to neglect of these personal hygiene needs like teeth brushing, showering, and nail clipping. One of the most significant issues in nursing homes tends to be dental hygiene, which has become a severe epidemic throughout the US.

Unsanitary Living Conditions

Nursing home facilities must ensure that their residents have access to clean, safe facilities. Bedding, bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas must all be kept clean, tidy, and sanitary to prevent the spread of illness and infection. Upon every visit, you should check to ensure that cleaning and maintenance are being performed regularly.   


Dehydration and malnutrition are both severe issues to keep your eyes out for. It’s believed that approximately 20% of residents in nursing homes globally suffer from malnutrition. While there a variety of reasons that malnutrition can occur, all of them result in serious issues that should not be ignored.

Decreased Or Lost Mobility

Although mobility is often an issue that nursing home residents face, if your loved one suffers from a sudden loss of all or more movement it is likely a sign of neglect. Staff in a good nursing home should help all residents stay active and mobile to encourage muscle health and strength.

Unexplained Injuries

Broken bones, head injuries and, bruises can be a very significant sign of neglect and abuse. When residents are being neglected, they may try to do things for themselves that they are not able to, resulting in falls and injuries. When being looked after properly, falls among nursing home residents should never happen.

Changes In Behavior

There are a variety of issues that can be caused by neglect, one of them is changes in behavior and psychological issues. Anger, resentment, depression and growing distant from friends and family are all signs that may signal neglect. When these symptoms take hold, they may cause your loved one to begin refusing care, which can lead to even more significant problems.

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