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Disfigurement After Surgery: What Should I Do?

Here's what to do if you suspect you suffered unexpected disfigurement after surgery.

Disfigurement not only leaves physical scars, it can also be scarring psychologically.

Because surgery involves cutting open layers of skin, it is expected that surgery will leave scarring. Everyone knows somebody with a scar from getting their appendix removed or an ACL repair, etc. Scars heal and become less obvious over time. Disfigurement, on the other hand, is an injury that time cannot change. Disfigurement can traumatize a patient’s self-esteem forever and cause a multitude of other problems. Sometimes procedures require disfigurement to save the patient’s life, such as amputation surgeries. But unfortunately, in other instances, disfigurement is a result of poor medical practices. Here’s what to do if you suspect you suffered unexpected disfigurement after surgery.

Determine Whether Disfigurement Was Reasonably Expected

As noted, some surgical procedures are going to leave scars and/or disfigurement. While all disfigurements are serious and often alters one’s life, if it was a necessary part of the procedure, there is no negligence. Common examples of disfigurements resulting from negligence are unnecessary amputations, severe scarring, chemical burns, or a severe change in external body function. Look into common outcomes for the type of surgery you underwent. If you notice uncommon symptoms or results in your case, negligence may have played a factor in the unfavorable result. 

Look into Successful Case Rates

If, according to the doctor, the type of surgery you underwent was relatively safe there should be evidence to back that up. Or if it was risky, there should be evidence of that too. Look online and find medical articles or patient testimonials relating to your procedure. Make sure that the doctor was telling the truth about the success rate of the surgery. If there were many previous cases that ended in disfigurement that was not told to you prior to the procedure, then you may not have had the opportunity to give informed consent. 

Find Out What Happened During Surgery

If you expected to have surgery for a small infection and woke up missing an arm, you should request medical records to see exactly what happened that caused the doctor to make that life-changing decision. If the decision seems irrational or random, or the explanation doesn’t line up, you may want an experienced team of attorneys and health care professionals to dig into the case and try to find answers.  

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