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Examples of Negligent Driving in Car Accident Cases

Examples of Negligent Driving in Car Accident Cases

What exactly does negligent driving look like? Here are some examples that come up often in Maryland car accident cases.

Nearly all car accident cases in Maryland involve some aspect of negligent driving. When insurance alone doesn’t cover the extent of damages, you can seek the services of a Maryland car accident lawyer. If you’re planning on filing a car accident lawsuit against another party, you’re going to need to prove the at-fault driver demonstrated negligent driving behavior. Then, you will need to prove those actions were the direct cause of any personal injuries/damages you sustained. But what exactly does negligent driving look like? Below are some common examples of Maryland car accident cases.

Distractions, Intentional or Not

In this day and age, it would be difficult to find an individual who has not looked at their phone while driving. At one point, everyone is guilty of doing something that diverts their eyes and attention from the road. Still, no matter how minor these actions seem, they can and do cause serious car accidents. Negligent driving is dangerous to the driver and puts others on the road at risk for serious injury. Therefore, distracted driving certainly constitutes negligence.  Examples of distracted driving include: using a cellphone, changing the radio/music, applying makeup, eating or drinking, looking into your backseat, at passengers, in the glove compartment, etc.

Failing to Use Vehicle Safety Features

Failing to use the vehicle’s safety features correctly can also be grounds for negligent driving. This is why people get pulled over when police officers notice broken headlights or failure to use turn signals. Every driver on the road has an implied duty of care to avoid causing harm to another. Failing to properly signal, use your lights, etc., poses a danger to other drivers, and is usually considered negligent behavior.

Not Following Traffic Rules and Norms

Failure to obey traffic rules is a rather straightforward example of negligent driving. However, failure to follow traffic norms can be just as dangerous as distracted driving. It’s fairly obvious that running stop signs and red lights, or driving far above the posted speed limit are negligent actions. Driving too slowly, stopping suddenly on the road, and stopping your vehicle over the line at an intersection are also examples of behaviors that can put other drivers and passengers at risk.

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