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Get the Facts about Defective Consumer Products

Reach out to the lawyers at Cardaro and Peek today.

Reach out to the lawyers at Cardaro and Peek today.

When a consumer discovers that a product they just purchased is defective or damaged, they’re often irritated and inconvenienced. However, sometimes these defects can result in severe injury, property damage, or even death. Learn more about defective consumer products in Maryland, and call the law offices of Cardaro & Peek for help.

Defective Consumer Products

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that manufacturers are required to take action if a product they produce creates a dangerous risk of injury to the consumer. To determine if the product can be stamped as defective, it’s important to evaluate the product thoroughly. During the evaluation, the product will be checked for design defects, manufacturing errors, and the absence of necessary warnings or instructions.

Defectivity Manufactured

When a product is labeled as defectively manufactured, the error most likely occurred during the fabrication process. A defectively manufactured product is different than all of the other ones available to the consumer, and the flaw can vary in severity. Examples of a manufacturing defect include a shirt made with uneven sleeves or a vehicle missing its brake pads.

Defectively Designed

A defectively designed product does not arise from an error during the manufacturing period but instead insinuates that the entire product line is inherently dangerous. For example, if multiple consumers report that they were shocked or electrocuted by a particular kitchen appliance, it could be a defective design.

Failure to Provide Warnings or Instructions

Products, no matter how dangerous, should provide adequate warnings and instructions for use. If a product fails to provide necessary warnings or instructions, and a consumer is harmed as a result, they may file a failure-to-warn claim. For example, if a cough syrup omits the fact that it can cause a dangerous side effect if combined with other medications, the consumer may suffer as a result.

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