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Laboratory Errors Impact Medical Treatment

Laboratory Errors Impact Medical Treatment

Do you know how laboratory errors can lead to patient injury? Call The Law Offices of Cardaro & Peek for legal assistance.

Over 13 billion tests are performed in certified clinical laboratories in the U.S. each year. Medical tests can be carried out for routine checkups, monitoring health conditions, or for testing for specific diseases or disorders. When medical tests are carried out incorrectly, and laboratory errors occur, it can have dire consequences on the subsequent treatment of a patient. This type of medical malpractice can result in a delayed or wrong diagnosis. Further, patients can undergo unnecessary care treatments and pay extra costs. Read on to find out more about laboratory errors, and contact the medical malpractice lawyers at Cardaro & Peek to assist you with your case.

Examples of Laboratory Errors

Laboratory errors and malpractice can occur when a medical professional mistakenly performs tests, or when they misinterpret, misrecord, or misreport test results. Patients may be affected by laboratory errors if incorrect tests are run, a patient’s information gets lost or confused with another patient’s information, and if the test results are delayed. Ultimately, laboratory errors can mislead other care providers since they are administering treatments working from wrong or incomplete patient information.

Delayed Treatment

If a patient does not receive the correct test results, or there is a delay in completing the tests, this can result in delayed treatment. Time-sensitive conditions, such as having untreated abnormal growths, can turn into more serious issues, like developing malignant tumors, and cause other health complications. Delaying treatment can cause the patient’s condition to worsen, sometimes at an accelerated rate.

Not Receiving Correct Treatment

There are many reasons why receiving improper treatment is harmful to a patient, but two stand out from the rest. First, receiving inadequate treatment further delays receiving the correct care. Second, receiving inadequate treatment can potentially cause further complications to the patient’s current condition. Receiving incorrect treatment causes patients and their loved ones to wait for improvements that may never come. Further, the wrong treatment might incur other errors, such as being given dangerous, unnecessary medications.

Receiving Unnecessary Treatment

Undergoing unnecessary treatment as a result of laboratory errors can have similar consequences as not receiving the correct treatment. Additionally, receiving ineffective treatments can incur high costs and cause undue patient distress due to the invasive nature of many procedures.

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