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Lead Paint Poisoning in Baltimore

Have you or your child been exposed to lead paint in Baltimore? Call Cardaro and Peek today to discuss your case.

Have you or your child been exposed to lead paint in Baltimore? Call Cardaro and Peek today to discuss your case.

Last October, the Baltimore Sun reported that the number of Baltimore children with lead poisoning fell 19 percent in 2017, even as more children were tested. While those numbers seem promising, there is still a large percentage of adults and children who remain untested for exposure to the powerful neurotoxin. Lead poisoning is especially dangerous for young children and can cause harmful life-altering damage. Have you or your child been exposed to lead paint in Baltimore? Call Cardaro and Peek today to discuss your case.

Know the Symptoms

Unfortunately, signs and symptoms do not appear until dangerous amounts of the neurotoxin have accumulated. Knowing the signs and symptoms can help you recognize the threat of lead paint poisoning and seek immediate care. Symptoms of lead paint poisoning in children include but are not limited to developmental delay, learning difficulties, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, hearing loss, fatigue, seizures, and vomiting. For newborns, symptoms include premature birth, lower birth weight, and slowed growth. For adults, symptoms include high blood pressure, joint pain, memory loss, mood disorders, and miscarriage.

Understand the Causes

Lead-based paints for homes, toys, and furniture have been banned in the U.S. since 1978, but some older, overlooked homes still contain lead-based paint. Curious children who ingest chips of deteriorating lead-based paint are most commonly exposed. Lead can also be found in other places such as soil, pottery, herbal remedies, and various workplaces.

Factors of Increased Risk

There are several factors that may increase your risk of lead paint exposure, including the following:


Young children and newborn babies are at a higher risk of lead paint poisoning than adults because absorb lead easily. Exposure to lead paint is more harmful as a result.


Individuals interested in stained glass, jewelry making, and refinishing furniture could be at higher risk of lead paint exposure. It’s important to understand the materials you’re working with prior to use.

Old Homes

Homes built before the 1970s are at a higher risk of lead paint exposure. If you’re currently renovated an older home built before 1970, you’re at risk of exposure as well.

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