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Learn More About Laboratory Medical Malpractice

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There are many forms of medical malpractice, many that aren’t always as easy to identify as negligence or withheld information. The quality of care that your physician can provide will largely depend on the accuracy of the information they have regarding your symptoms and diagnostic test results. Laboratory malpractice can result in diagnostic errors that can lead your healthcare providers to provide improper treatment or forego proper treatment. This can cause serious health problems for the patient and can constitute medical malpractice. Here are the basics of laboratory malpractice and how it can result in medical malpractice.

Medical Diagnosis

Healthcare providers rely on several methods for diagnosing illnesses, injuries, and medical conditions. By utilizing patient histories and various types of diagnostic exams, physicians can narrow down the best course of treatment in order to provide care to a patient. Often, this will entail laboratory tests in which a patient sample is examined in a laboratory setting. The results of this examination are used to determine a diagnosis.

Diagnostic Errors

There are many consequences of diagnostic errors in a laboratory. For example, misinterpreted test results can cause a condition to go undiagnosed, leading to unnecessary suffering on the part of a patient. A delayed diagnosis can also occur, in which the correct diagnosis is reached, but not until a disease or condition has progressed past the point where an earlier diagnosis could have prevented harm. The wrong diagnosis can also be reached due to laboratory error, which can lead patients to be treated for a condition they do not have–resulting in unnecessary surgery in extreme cases.

Causes of Laboratory Errors

There are several things that can go wrong during laboratory testing, including clerical errors and poor communication. These simple errors can wind up communicating incorrect diagnostic results to your healthcare provider. Contamination or outdated technology can also skew test results, so it’s crucial that laboratory professionals take every possible step to protect lab samples and procedures from errors that can result in medical malpractice.

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