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Medical Assistants and Medical Malpractice

Medical Assistants and Medical Malpractice

Despite having limited duties with regards to patients, medical malpractice can still occur as a result of a medical assistant’s actions.

When undergoing a medical procedure, a patient comes into contact with medical professionals of various education, skill, and experience levels. From medical assistants to attending physicians, all medical practitioners are subject to potential medical malpractice. Today, we’ll focus on medical assistants and how to prevent instances of medical malpractice within their jurisdiction.

Medical Assistants Versus Registered Nurses

At first glance, it might be challenging to differentiate between a medical assistant and a registered nurse. A registered nurse and a medical assistant both administer primary patient care such as hygiene, change of bedding, and dietary requirements. However, medical assistants do not require as much training and education as registered nurses. Medical assistants are typically assigned a variety of responsibilities including patient care and administrative duties, while nurses focus on patient care and include a minimal amount of administrative duties. Another important thing that separates the two professions: while medical assistants can only perform the type of care expressed directly by the physician, nurses are trained to write patient care plans. This extra training and responsibility opens the door for potential medical malpractice and negligence by nurses that is not ordinarily possible for medical assistants.

How Medical Assistants Can Prevent Medical Malpractice

Despite having only limited duties with regards to patients, medical malpractice can still occur as a result of a medical assistant’s actions. Firstly, it is worth noting that medical assistants are cheaper to hire than registered nurses and, therefore, are often overused in place of nurses. This can lead to unauthorized medical personnel administering patient care they are unqualified to give. With this in mind, medical assistants should remember it is not their job to provide medical advice, and if prompted by a patient, always refer them to the proper medical staff. 

Additionally, medical assistant’s administrative rolls should not be undervalued. Entering patient information correctly is important, because that information is relied upon by nurses and doctors who refer back to the patient’s data. Not taking this aspect of the job seriously can result in dangerous consequences for the patient, such as medication errors or wrongful hospital discharge.

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