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Medical Malpractice in Cosmetic Surgery

Medical Malpractice in Cosmetic Surgery

Any surgical procedure contains inherent risks. Cosmetic surgery is no different.

Cosmetic surgery is just like any other medical procedure, errors can and do occur. These errors are subject to medical malpractice claims. Below, we will discuss common cosmetic surgery errors and some of the challenges with this type of medical malpractice claim.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Errors

Any surgical procedure contains inherent risks. Cosmetic surgery is no different. Most causes of cosmetic surgery errors are by a “standard” type of surgical error. These include infection, misuse of cosmetic drugs or anesthesia, or merely incorrect surgical technique. If any of these errors occur, it can potentially result in a medical malpractice claim.

In addition, due to the lucrative nature of cosmetic surgeries, many non-plastic surgeons want to begin working in this field. A doctor can take a course on cosmetic surgery and then advertise themselves as a plastic surgeon. All medical specialties contain their own intricacies and challenges. A surgeon may be well trained for certain procedures, but under-qualified for cosmetic surgery. A practitioner that is not adequately trained may not make the right judgment call when a complication arises. A mistake in a cosmetic surgery can result in disfigurement, scarring, or other serious consequences.

Challenges of Cosmetic Surgery Claims

One of the biggest challenges for plaintiffs in a cosmetic surgery malpractice claim is human nature. Simply put, because the procedure is usually elective, people are not as sympathetic. Jurors will often give the cosmetic surgeon the benefit of the doubt when a cosmetic procedure is done for superficial reasons. A juror also might think that this is a “rich person problem,” the patient could afford the surgery in the first place, so they can probably afford to deal with the outcome. Unfortunately, it is common for people to think that because it was the plaintiff’s choice to have the surgery, the plaintiff is somehow partially at fault for their damages.

Thankfully, the circumstances surrounding reconstructive surgery are often viewed differently, especially if the procedures were deemed medically necessary.

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