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Medication Errors: Simple Mistakes Cause Serious Consequences

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Medication errors are unfortunate problems on the pharmacists’ end that can lead to harmful results.

All healthcare providers are told some version of the five “rights” to medication administration: 1) right patient, 2) right drug, 3) right dose, 4) right time, 5) right route, 6) right reason, and 7) right documentation. This is because medication errors can be detrimental to a person’s health and sometimes lead to illness, addiction, or death. Below are some unfortunately common errors that lead to pharmacists over/under-prescribing, or simply distributing the wrong medicine. If you or a loved one experienced negative side effects or injury due to a medication error, you should contact an attorney to fully evaluate your claim.

Poor Documentation/Zeroes and Decimal Points  

Despite it being the 21st Century, healthcare professionals can still make mistakes due to poor lighting, poor phone quality, and handwritten orders. If a pharmacist isn’t careful, they might accidentally mishear something over the phone and fulfill a medicine request that was not intended by the prescribing doctor

Additionally, handwritten orders plus decimal points often equal a mistake. Someone might write down a prescription as “25.0mg” instead of “25mg” thinking they are being precise, but because they have bad handwriting, the pharmacist reads “250mg” and the patient’s medication is unintentionally multiplied by a factor of 10 without their knowledge. Leading zeros (i.e., 0.25 vs .25) should be used though, as a sloppily written “4 x .25mg” might be interpreted as “4 x 25mg” which similarly results in overdosing your patient. 

Improper Storage

Pharmacies are filled with a variety of different drugs. Many of these drugs or medications physically resemble other drugs that produce entirely different effects. Therefore pharmacists must keep an organized and clean workspace. If all pills are organized correctly in a quickly sorted manner, then the risk of accidentally prescribing the wrong medicine goes down. Similarly, pharmacists should always review the prescription label and expiration date for all medication they are handing out. Not only is it suitable for inventory purposes, but it also is a great way to check if you are about to issue a mislabeled/expired medication. 

No Two Person Confirmation

Sometimes a medication error can be prevented by as simple a solution as just having more than one person confirm the order. This helps catch warnings in drug labels (e.g., “do not crush” or “take with food”) and avoid mistakes with look-alike/sound-alike medications. 

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