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The Most Common Types of Emergency Room Errors in Baltimore

Every year, 136 million emergency room visits are recorded in the United States alone.

Every year, 136 million emergency room visits are recorded in the United States alone.

Every year, 136 million emergency room visits are recorded in the United States alone. Medical professionals are trusted to adhere to the standard of care, but all too often negligence occurs. In an emergency room setting, even the smallest mistakes can have big consequences. If you believe that you have experienced injury as a result of an emergency room error, call Cardaro & Peek, LLC.

Types of Emergency Room Errors

Due to stress, rushed decisions, and other common emergency room factors, errors can occur which cause serious harm to patients.  Common types of emergency room errors include incorrect diagnoses, delays in treatment, medical errors, laboratory errors, and more. It is the emergency room staff’s responsibility to adhere to a standard of medical care. If the standard is not followed, errors can occur and patients can suffer injury.

Common Causes

Stress and rushed decision-making are two common causes of emergency room errors. There are a variety of other factors, however, that can lead to serious and sometimes irreversible errors. It’s important to understand that most mistakes are preventable, and the healthcare provider should be held accountable for injury or error. Common causes of errors include overcrowding, low staffing, shortage of hospital beds, lack of resources, and failure to obtain a medical history.

Compensation Eligibility

If the emergency room error results in wrongful death, physical injury, mental pain, loss of employment, or disability, you may be eligible for compensation. Negligence could be found with the hospital, doctor, nurse, or other staff involved with the incident. It’s possible that more than one party is responsible for the medical malpractice as a result of emergency room error.

Contact Cardaro & Peek, LLC today. You may be eligible for compensation that could cover the cost of treatment, lost earnings, suffering, disability, or more.

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