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Types of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

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Elder abuse is unfortunately all too common in some nursing homes.

A nursing home is supposed to keep the older individuals in our society safe from harm. The World Health Organization (WHO) found that, between 2017 and 2018, 1 in 6 adults aged 60 or older suffered some type of abuse in a community setting. Tragically, because elderly residents often have medical problems or cognitive disorders that result in difficulties communicating, confusion, or memory loss, elder abuse is extremely underreported. The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) found that a mere 1 in 20 cases of physical abuse of elders gets reported to authorities. If you feel that your loved one suffered elder abuse in their nursing home or facility, check these common risk factors of abused patients and contact Cardaro & Peek today for a free consultation. 


A common form of elder abuse is simply leaving residents unattended. Obviously, since the resident was place in the facility because they need care, leaving them unattended puts the resident in danger. This can result in malnutrition, infections, etc., going unnoticed and untreated.

Physical & Emotional Elder Abuse

Physical abuse is easier to notice, because there are usually bruises or scratched indicating some form of abuse. Physical elder abuse includes slapping, kicking, and shoving. This may cause the resident to fall and suffer further injury. 

Emotional elder abuse can be trickier to spot. In some cases, residents are screamed at or threatened with losing certain privileges (e.g. family visits). In the most severe cases, the emotional abuse is intentional, often involving financial exploitation. For example, in 2018, it was found that over $750,000 had been stolen from a 98-year-old resident with dementia over the course of about 10 years. The story can be found here.

Emotional elder abuse can cause residents to suffer from anxiety, depression, and make them fearful of their caregivers. Women are more likely to suffer both physical and emotional abuse. 

Sexual Elder Abuse

Unfortunately, nursing home residents may suffer from unwanted sexual activity. In addition to sexual assault, this includes any unwanted touching, unwelcome advances, and sex with those without the capacity to consent. In 2017, CNN found over 1,000 nursing home facilities across the country received citations for mismanaging sexual elder abuse cases. The story can be found here.

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