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Why is Lead Paint Poisoning a Personal Injury Case?

Why is Lead Paint Poisoning a Personal Injury Case?

Whether a case of negligence or intentional harm, lead paint poisoning is a serious personal injury issue. Call our offices today to review your options.

Lead paint poisoning or exposure can result in several health complications. While many types of personal injury cases can lead to unfortunate scenarios, lead paint poisoning is one of the more serious claims. Victims can and should be compensated for their losses as a result of the dangerous lead paint exposure. If you discover lead paint in your home or believe you or a loved one has sustained lead paint poisoning, speak to the personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Cardaro & Peek right away. 

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims are successful when the plaintiff can establish duty, liability, causation, and damages in their case. While some cases can involve intentional harm, more often it is a matter of negligence that results in an injury. Establishing a personal injury claim requires proof that the faulty party owed and failed to meet a duty of care, those faulty actions directly caused injury or losses, and the damages sustained were a result of those injuries or losses. These elements of the personal injury case look very similar to a medical malpractice case.

In lead poisoning cases, a negligent property-owner, such as a landlord, the individual/entity that sold you the property, or an employer running a workplace, could be the party at fault and might be liable if they do not take appropriate measures to remove the lead source. Further, they can be liable for a personal injury case involving lead exposure if they fail to disclose a potential source of lead on the property or working environment.

Effects of Lead Paint Poisoning

Lead poisoning affects the nervous and reproductive systems in humans. The observable symptoms and long-term effects in a person can vary depending on the amount and frequency of lead exposure. However, be aware that children are likely to suffer lifelong developmental problems from lead exposure. Symptoms can present themselves early or be delayed depending on the circumstances surrounding lead exposure. Headaches, lethargy, abdominal pain, kidney problems, sleeping problems, and behavioral changes are just some of the signs to look out for if you suspect lead paint poisoning.

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