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4 Red Flags of Nursing Home Negligence

nursing home negligence

If you worry that your loved one could be suffering from nursing home negligence, here are the most common signs to look for.

When a family moves a loved one into a nursing home, they’re trusting the presidents of the facility and staff to provide the utmost care. Nursing homes have become commonplace throughout Baltimore County and across the country, caring for an estimated 1.4 million residents as of 2014. The standard of care may depend on the region and the resident’s condition, but all nursing homes must ensure that residents do not suffer physical injury or mental distress.

A Lack of Personal Hygiene

Nurses and staff are expected to maintain the basic personal hygiene of their residents, from bathing to combing their hair. When a resident’s basic hygiene is neglected, more serious issues could occur. Whether the facility is understaffed or improperly trained, the nursing home could be proven negligent.

Unsanitary/Unsafe Living Conditions

Nursing homes, regardless of the standard of care, are required to provide residents with safe and clean living conditions. The living area should be clean, but it should also meet state requirements for safety and security. If your loved one does not have a sanitary kitchen, a clean bathroom, or a safe bathing area, they could become more susceptible to serious health-related problems.

Poor Nutrition

Nursing home neglect also includes physical issues such as malnutrition and dehydration. If a resident has medical problems such as difficulty swallowing, they may be entitled to a higher standard of care. Failing to administer the standard of care leaves the staff and facility at fault, whether the neglect was caused deliberately or due to staffing issues.

Unexplained Injuries

Broken bones and bruises are common signs of nursing home neglect. When a resident doesn’t receive the help they need, they may try to complete the tasks and injure themselves. Furthermore, staff members who fail to administer the standard level of care could easily harm a resident.

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