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Nursing Home Staff Members are Concealing Neglect and Abuse

Nursing Home Staff Members

If you or a loved one have suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of nursing home staff members in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and beyond, call the lawyers at Cardaro and Peek today.

The fact that a loved one could experience abuse at the hands of a trusted professional is a painful thought, especially if the abuse is concealed by nursing home staff members. The task of uncovering abuse can be difficult when administrators and staff members refuse to disclose important information to family members or their lawyers. Nursing home negligence is not always a clear-cut case, but the lawyers at Cardaro and Peek can help you and your loved one recover the compensation you deserve.

Failing to Report Abuse

According to a report by the Health and Human Services inspector general’s office, more than one in four cases of possible sexual and physical abuse against nursing home patients went unreported to police in 2017. Nursing home staff members are trained to recognize the signs of abuse or neglect and must report high-risk incidents within two hours (if the victim experienced severe bodily injury). Some abuse cases remain unreported, but other cases involve staff members blatantly lying about an abuse victim or scenario.

Falsifying Documentation

Nursing home staff members must maintain a detailed record about their assigned patients. Records include information such as input of liquids, number of bowel movements, vital metrics, and injuries. If abuse occurs due to the negligence of the nursing home, administrators may direct staff members to alter notes to make it appear that the neglect was not the fault of the facility.

Failing to Record Properly

In some cases, abuse and neglect are uncovered through documented changes in a resident’s condition. Bedsores and dehydration are common signs of neglect and often noted in the daily records. Staff members who fail to record a patient’s condition properly are knowingly or unknowingly concealing abuse.

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