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Potential Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Claims

Potential Emergency Room Medical Malpractice Claims

Mistakes and errors in the emergency room should be reviewed by medical malpractice lawyers.

Emergency rooms are often overcrowded and understaffed, and patients suffer as a result. Admitted patients should trust their doctors and nurses with their health, but with over 145 million emergency room visits per year in the United States, errors occur every day. Medical professionals are trained to handle high volumes of patients in an emergency setting, but even the smallest mistake can lead to severe consequences. Were you or someone close to you harmed during a visit to the emergency room? Read on to learn more about potential emergency room malpractice claims, and call the lawyers at Cardaro and Peek for assistance with your claim. 


In an emergency setting, a proper and timely diagnosis is crucial to the health of admitted patients. Misdiagnosis cases may involve an incorrect diagnosis, failing to diagnose an existing condition, or even a delayed diagnosis. When a medical professional fails to recognize complications, the patient’s condition can rapidly decline. Similarly, delaying treatment can transform a small issue into a severe condition. 

Medication Errors 

Medication errors occur for a variety of reasons. For example, if a doctor fails to read a patient’s medical history, the patient could have a potentially dangerous allergic reaction to the medication the doctor prescribes. Or, a doctor can prescribe the wrong medicine, treating a symptom instead of the cause of the injury/condition. Medication errors can result in serious injury, and are in some cases fatal. 

Laboratory Errors 

Laboratory errors occur when a medical professional mishandles information or offers an improper treatment. If an emergency room is mismanaged, lab results can be lost or even switched with another patient’s results. Miscommunication is often the most common reason for laboratory errors. 

Premature Discharge 

When an emergency room doctor prematurely discharges a patient, it can result in serious complications. Discharged patients should be provided with clear instructions for further treatment or medications. Discharged patients should also be provided with the necessary instructions, medications, and/or equipment to keep them from causing further injury or allowing their condition to progress. In many cases, failure to provide a patient with crucial information can constitute medical malpractice. 

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