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What To Do After A Cancer Misdiagnosis

cancer misdiagnosis

No one should have to go through a cancer misdiagnosis. Here’s what you need to know about common cancer misdiagnoses, how they occur, and what you should do moving forward.

Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most traumatic and stressful situations an individual and their family can go through. However, when cancer goes undiagnosed for a long time and becomes more life-threatening, this kind of news is even worse. When there are errors in the diagnostic process, the results can be devastating. No one should have to go through a cancer misdiagnosis. Here’s what you need to know about common cancer misdiagnoses, how they occur, and what you should do moving forward.

What Are The Most Common Cancer Misdiagnoses?

Both fortunately and unfortunately, many types of cancer respond positively to early treatment. If your cancer is not diagnosed in time, however, you cannot receive the same type of treatment as you would in an earlier stage. Depending on the type of cancer and the stage, treatments vary. Cancers which are responsive to early treatment include breast cancer, cervical, ovarian or uterine cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and melanoma, testicular cancer, kidney or renal cancer, and lung cancer.

How Is Cancer Misdiagnosed?

At any point in the medical process, your symptoms could be misdiagnosed or go unnoticed by healthcare professionals. Your doctor should know which of your symptoms could potentially indicate cancer. From physical examinations to laboratory results, there are many steps along the way where something can be misread. If medical negligence or error have caused your cancer to go undiagnosed for too long, you’re entitled to legal help.

What Do I Do Now?

When cancer is misdiagnosed, the individual and all of their loved ones experience an immense amount of pain and grief. An individual’s unnecessary and preventable death cause unfathomable strain. If you know someone who has experienced a cancer misdiagnosis, your family is entitled to legal aid. Contact medical malpractice lawyers in your area today to make sure that justice is served and healthcare providers are held accountable.

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