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Why Do I Need a “Medical Malpractice Lawyer” for My Case?

Why Do I Need a “Medical Malpractice Lawyer” for My Case?

Let’s examine some reasons why utilizing a medical malpractice lawyer can boost the chances of succeeding in your claim.

From diagnosis to surgery, medical malpractice events can occur at any stage of medical treatment. If medical malpractice does occur, you may decide to file a claim and try to recover damages for the wrong inflicted on you and your loved ones. While it is possible to make a claim without a medical malpractice lawyer, the intricacies of medical malpractice law can make it very challenging. Let’s examine some reasons why utilizing a medical malpractice lawyer can boost the chances of succeeding in your claim.

Complex & Expensive Legal Territory

Medical malpractice law is a very complex area of law, and not all attorneys will accept these types of cases. Medical malpractice laws are quite different from small claims or personal injury, where making your case might only require a few documents of proof. To win your case, you need to prove that the medical professional(s) deviated from the standard of care. In a medical malpractice case, the standard of care can only be proven by experts. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will have access to a network of professionals — doctors, consultants, medical experts — and will utilize this network to locate and hire the right medical expert for your case. 

While you can get your own medical experts and attempt to win your case without an attorney, if you do so you would also be responsible for funding every aspect of the case. Investigating a case is time-consuming and expensive. Just filing a case often requires thousands of dollars to be spent on expert fees, filing fees, and other general expenses. After that, there is anywhere from a few months to a year before the case goes to trial, where attorneys conduct discovery, perform medical research, obtain expert reports, and much more.

Lastly, even if you have the funds to make your own case, the process described above is time-consuming. A medical malpractice attorney will take responsibility for advancing the expenses on behalf of their clients, and will not charge you if your case does not settle or win at trial.  Additionally, you can let your attorneys do the work, while you try to heal after experiencing a tragedy. Navigating a complex, expensive, and time-consuming medical malpractice case will be much easier with the experienced medical malpractice lawyers at The Law Offices of Cardaro & Peek on your side.

Defense Attorneys

A defense attorney’s presence is another big reason to hire attorneys to represent you in court. You may choose to represent yourself in a case, but the medical professional(s) will not be alone. In nearly every medical malpractice claim, the defendant (hospital, doctor, etc.) has access to malpractice liability insurance, which will fund their defense. This will include tested and experienced defense attorneys. Considering the nature of medical malpractice claims as described above, the fact that your opposition will have competent legal counsel speaks volumes as to the necessity of representation in these matters. It is difficult for a non-attorney to have the legal and medical knowledge to sufficiently combat a team of defense attorneys. 

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